Responsive Workbench: Algorithms and Methodologies

Arvo, Barr, Schröder, Laidlaw, Breen

In this research we are developing modeling, rendering and interaction methodologies to be applied to the Responsive Workbench. The Responsive Workbench is a device that uses a projection system, a mirror assembly and tracking elements to interactively display stereoscopic images onto a large table-size viewing area. The human users semi-immersively interact with datasets and models on the workbench viewing area, much as if the objects were on a physical tabletop. The research focuses on the development and refinement of algorithms and methodologies to enhance the effectiveness of the Workbench, in the areas of wavelets and multiresolution modeling, physically based modeling, volume visualization, rendering and gesture recognition. These approaches have great potential to enhance the applicability of the workbench environment.

Current Project Status (updated 8/1/98)


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