Current Project Status - Caltech Workbench Project

Milestones 1997

Milestones 1998

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Using the Caltech Workbench:

(Note: some of the mpegs are large)

Interactive Pooltable Demo on the Workbench Mpeg 4MB.

L1 Manifold on the Workbench Visualization being used to plan trajectories for upcoming Discovery Genesis Mission, Mpeg 2MB.

Toaster Demo on the Workbench Mpeg 1MB.

Real-time Volume-rendered Mouse on the Caltech Workbench Algorithm: Ruediger Westermann, Mouse data, David Laidlaw. Mpeg 1MB.

Interactive Head Demo on the Workbench Multiresolution head, Peter Schröder, Denis Zorin Mpeg 9MB.

Trajectory Visualization Method